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Vision & Mission

We want to assist and develop differently abled children in such a way that the roots of their dependency are uprooted so that they can live like other normal children independent of others. We also want to make people realize that such children are not an encumbrance on the society instead they can contribute equally towards the society. We also want to see our society develop in such a way that they perceive no discrimination between two children on the basis of their mental and physical attributes. We want that these children should be loved and respected in the society.We strive for the:-

  • Right To Development

    We want to assist and develop differently abled children that the roots of their dependency are uprooted.

  • Right To Education

    we want that these children should be Educated and respected in the society Equally as normal Childrens.

  • Right To Participation

    We want to make people realize that such children are not an encumbrance instead they can contribute equally to society.

  • Right To Protection

    We want to see our society develop in such a way that they perceive no discrimination between two children.

Organisational Details

Chotay Taray Foundation (CTF) is an organization working for Mentally and Physically Challenged Children in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. We are working since 5th May 2003 and in November, 2006 our organization was registered under the Societies Registration Act, VI of 1998. It aims for the rehabilitation of children with Multiple Disabilities including those having Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, and Autism etc.

These children are provided with special education, health facilities and vocational training as per their requirements. CurrentlyCTF is catering to the needs of 60 children belonging to various communities.

In addition to this we also work on 55 field areas in which 10 areas are in district Srinagar and 45 area is in district Budgam, where we work for overall development of children both differently able and normal children. In addition to this we have admitted 10 children from our Special school 6 children from our operational areas in formal schools to receive mainstream education.

We also conduct teacher training programs every year for handling and educating differently able children. We adopt right based approach in our interventional activities.

Presently Chotay Taray Foundation is managed by a group of eminent and professional personalities including its President and other members of its managing body comprising of few doctors, social activists etc. who have a dream to see these deprived children develop in such a way that they can stretch the limits on their own to go beyond the horizons.

The seeds of Chotay Taray Foundation (CTF) were sown in the year 2003 by a couple of like-minded individuals with deep desire to assist people having Multiple Disabilities. There was no assisting or aiding body in Kashmir, for such special persons until“Chotay Taray” Foundation came into existence. The dream with which they had started this noble mission was to flourish and develop such persons from all possible angles and to see those early sown seeds bearing fruits. Thanks to Allah (SWT) the achievements of the organization have given them a desired chance to hold their heads high in prestige. Before “Chotay Taray” Foundation, the guardians of such persons were hopeless and believed that such persons were an encumbrance on the family. With the establishment of Chotay Taray Foundation the attitude of such families has changed and they can now find a ray of hope in this organization.

In 2002 a young girl named Rita Koster came from Holland as a tourist and was interested to know about mentally and physically challenged children here in Kashmir. She is a trained nurse having expertise in dealing specifically with such children. It was she who stimulated all of us to venture into this not-so-easy-job. A survey was conducted to see whether mentally challenged children existed in our society. There were many as expected but to our surprise they were seen begging outside masjids or tied by chains at home or confined to closed rooms. The first meeting of CTF was held on the 5th May 2003. At that time we had only three children. Two of them were begging before they joined CTF. It was started on minimal personal donation and membership fees. On 17th November 2006 that we registered our organization under the Societies Registration Act. However, the difficulties in financial matters continued. So far we are not receiving any assistance from the Government.

• During last 7 years we have gained a good reputation at state as well as at the community level as our organization is always consulted in the issues related to children especially on the issues of disabled children. Organization has also helped more than 20 mentally and physically challenged students to be admitted in mainstream educational institutes throughout the valley. Our organization along with the cooperation of SSA, trained 20 teachers from our operational areas to cater the differently abled children in their schools. We have more than 900 registered cases from different areas of the valley.
• Organization has been able to raise awareness among the masses about the causes and prevention of disability and the schemes, provisions for disabled children.
• Organization has played a vital role in conducting special medical board to issue disability certificates to disabled children on weekly bases.
• Helped more than 100 children to avail disability certificates and disability pension.
• Provided Birth Registration Certificates to more than 200 children in our operational areas.

• To identify differently able children.
• Overall development and rehabilitation of such children.
• To make such children self-dependent and self-reliant socially, physically, financially and in carrying out activities of daily living.
• To educate and prepare the masses about such children.
• To motivate more and more people to join us in this noble cause to provide a better meaningful and respectful life to these children.

The main target group of the organization is “Children with Mental & Physical Disabilities”. The following programs are conducted by the organization:
• Special education • Recreation • Behavior modification • Moral Education • Vocational training • Rehabilitation therapy (including physiotherapy and speech therapy)

Field Activities Include:
• Identification of disabled children in the community • Survey of baseline data • Resource Development • Awareness camps and seminars • Training of teachers of mainstream schools