Know About Some Success Stories


Success Story Of Ifra Reyaz

Chotay Taray is mainly running on the local donations. Sadqah, Zakat, membership fee being paid by the members of the managing body and monthly fee paid by the parents of some of the children who are economically sound. There is no assistance from the government side.

We have recently started a project with CRY (Child Rights & You) this year and almost the entire budget from CRY is to be spent on the field activities like identification of differently abled children, their advocacy and other relevant activities while as a small proportion goes to the school as well.

As elsewhere, these are special kids in Kashmir too. These beautiful children of this beautiful place need your attention. Let us recognize our responsibility towards them, listen to their needs and help them lead their normal life.

We at Chotay Taray therefore request you to come forward and donate. Let us become bridge for these special children and allow for them the path which is free from worries and tears. Let us unite and make them strong and able to become candle for their home if not the stars in the sky.