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The seeds of Chotay Taray foundation were sown in the year 2000 by a couple of likeminded individuals with deep desire to assist people having Multiple Disabilities. There was no assisting or aiding body in Kashmir, for such special persons until “Chotay Taray” Foundation came into existence. The dream with which they had started this noble mission was to flourish and develop such persons from all possible angles and to see those early sown seeds bearing fruits. Thanks to Allah (SWT) the achievements of the organization have given them a desired chance to hold their heads high in prestige. Before “Chotay Taray” Foundation, the guardians of such persons were hopeless and believed that such persons were an encumbrance on the family. With the establishment of Chotay Taray Foundation the attitude of such families has changed and they can now find a ray of hope in this organization.

  • Presently Chotay Taray Foundation is managed by a group of eminent and professional personalities including its President and other members of its managing body comprising of few doctors, social activists etc. who have a dream to see these deprived children develop in such a way that they can stretch the limits on their own to go beyond the horizons

  • It should be mentioned here that Chotay Taray Foundation started as a special school for this volatile and vulnerable section of disabled and was as such till November 2006 until it got registration (Regd. No. 5007-S of 2006) as a nongovernmental organization with an aim to work for the in-depth and comprehensive development and welfare of disabled.

  • We want to assist and develop differently able children in such a way that the roots of their dependency are uprooted so that they can live like other normal children independent of others. We also want to make people realize that such children are not an encumbrance on the society instead they can contribute equally towards the society. We also want to see our society develop in such a way that they perceive no discrimination between two children on the basis of their mental and physical attributes. We want that these children should be loved and respected in the society.