I would like to thank my donors, colleagues, friends and well-wishers for their continuous support, encouragement and guidance that helped us in developing the organization and reaching the most deserving people of the society.

I am much thankful to my staff with whose dedication and passion for change Chotay Taray Foundation was able to provide quality services to less fortunate during very difficult times and brought positive changes in lives of people.

Our longing is to elevate every less fortune human being to the levels where she/he can live an independent and dignified life in a society that values everyone irrespective of their ability, gender, color, social cast, creed, ethnicity etc.

We want to keep our partners, well-wishers, general masses, etc updated regarding our activities, success as well as challenges through this website. It is my hope that this website will serve as a window to the world through which people will visualize and comprehend our actions that are focused to lessen the challenges faced by the less fortunate people including children with disabilities.

In order to realize our dreams, CTF needs support to continue and expand services to positively impact the lives of people, improve future of communities and prepare world for coming generations.

Thank you,
Arjumand Makhdoomi